How to get calcio storico tickets for 2017 matches

Sales to start June 7

Mary Gray
June 6, 2017 - 11:36

Snagging a coveted seat for the always-ceremonial calcio storico matches is no easy feat.  One of Florence's most famous traditions—a fusion of football, rugby and Fight Club—the Renaissance city ritual plays out each June in piazza Santa Croce, culminating in the final match on June 24, the feast day of San Giovanni Battista, Florence's patron saint.

Ph. Rachael Harper

This year, the Greens (Verdi) of San Giovanni will face off against the Reds (Rossi) of Santa Maria Novella on June 10, followed by the Whites (Bianchi) of Santo Spirito against the Blues (Azzurri) of Santa Croce on June 11. Tickets for both matches will be available beginning June 7 at 11am in BoxOffice Toscana locations. Spots always go quickly, so act accordingly. Online sales will start on the same date at the same time for the Greens vs. Reds match, but will not begin until June 8 for the Whites vs. Blues match, and only if seats are still available.

For the Whites vs. Blues match, ticket purchases are capped at six per person; no ticket limits are currently in place for the Greens vs. Reds match.

Prices start at 29 euro; information about the final match on June 24 is still pending.



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