Streetsmart: viale Ariosto

A quiet borderland by Porta San Frediano

Mary Gray
January 17, 2018 - 10:55

A ghost road at first glance, viale Ludovico Ariosto is a thriving hub of life on the edge. (Of the historic center, that is). More like a long parking lot than a bona-fide boulevard—witness the tiny smattering of trees that apparently accounts for the viale designation—it’s a quiet borderland at the base of Porta San Frediano, giving way to the city’s more residential climes. The spare storefronts and idle vehicles are the first signs you’ve exited Florence™ and entered something more unaffected. It’s poetic, really…much like its namesake.



The liveliest spot on the street—at least come aperitivo hour—this new entry is a sister stop to the popular Nof club on viale Ariosto’s trendier twin, borgo San Frediano. Organic Tuscan wines are served alongside inexpensive cocktails, and the menu offers both pre-dinner bites and more bountiful platefuls.



It’s not fancy, but this kid-centered chain is a supermarket (and a saving grace) for parents new and veteran. Stocking strollers, hygiene essentials and high chairs along with more colorful and inspiring childhood tchotchkes, the shop is a must-stop if you’ve got someone small on the way.



Ph. Michelle Davis

A sacred spot kept appropriately hush-hush, this secluded lot inspires reverence. Founded in 1777 and slated to soon enter the national register of historic monuments, the Cimitero ebraico is home to myriad funerary chapels and monuments, including some in striking neo-Egyptian style.

(For information about opening times and guided visits, call 055 23466654).

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