Florence en pointe

A backdrop for ballet

Editorial Staff
July 5, 2018 - 12:00

Imagine Florence as a stage, a city in the round, a backdrop for ballet.



That’s what photographer Paolo Fani had in mind when he asked talented Tuscan dancer Carlotta Tempestini to star in a project still very much in progress. Sweet and graceful, a classically attired Carlotta stands on a single toe by the lungarno and beside the jeweller’s stores on the Ponte Vecchio before posing iconically under the Uffizi arches in accentuated arabesque with Dante looking on with interest. Sultry and strong, the ballerina sheds a skin and shifts a gear performing along the city’s narrow backstreets and even construction sites.



If you’re a professional dancer and would like to participate in Paolo Fani’s project, email [email protected]

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