Restoration begins on the Madonna of Citerna

Experts convinced sculpture is of the hands of Donatello

Editorial Staff
April 28, 2005

The restoration project on the Madonna di Citerna has begun in Florence at one of the most famous restoration laboratories in the world, the Opificio delle Pietre Dure. Experts hope that during the process it will be confirmed that this sculpture is another work by the master Renaissance artist, Donatello.


The sculpture in terracotta was recently discovered in a church in Citerna, a small town in the Province of Perugia, and was transported to Florence last week for a restoration project that will take at least a year.


Several experts have already studied the sculpture and have deduced that it dates from between 1415 and 1420. It has been tentatively attributed to the artist Donatello because of several style techniques that the young artist used which can be found in the sculpture. The balance of form was an important aspect of Donatello’s works and this Madonna is slightly inclined in a way similar to his other sculptures. The way her clothing is draped is also reminiscent of later pieces by Donatello.

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