Inter Vs. Zapatistas

Italian football team invited for a match against Mexican revolutionaries

Editorial Staff
May 19, 2005

The Milanese football team, Inter, was recently invited to play a match against members of the Mexican revolutionary group, EZLN.  Serious consideration is in progress whether or not to accept this challenge.


Charismatic Leader Subcomandante Marcos, whose rebel group is located in the southern Mexican region of Chiapas, had a dream recently that a football team made up of his soldiers scored a goal against another team wearing black and blue uniforms (Inter’s team colours). Upon waking he decided to write a letter to formally invite the Italian football team for a match in Chiapas.


In the letter, Marcos also laid down some guidelines as to how the match would be played. Obviously, the game would not be sold to network television.  Inter would also have to bring the ball.  Finally, due to the great respect that the Zapatistas have for the Italian team, no more than one goal would be scored against them.


It is not by chance that the Milanese team was chosen for this challenge. The team’s owners have long participated in humanitarian programs in the region, helping with the construction of an aqueduct and providing sports facilities, as well as shipping needed medical supplies.  In April several of the team’s managers toured the mountainous area, visiting the new facilities and meeting with representatives of the rebel group.


Upon receiving the letter, Inter’s President Moratti responded that the team was honoured to be invited to participate in such an event and would take it into serious consideration. The team’s captain, Javier Zanetti, stated he had no problems with this match and would happily play against the Mexican rebels.

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