Shock video of top football player receiving injection

Footage of Juventus Team Captain being injected with substances causes outcry

Editorial Staff
May 5, 2005

A documentary film transmitted on public television last week broadcast footage from a hidden video camera of one of Italy’s top football players, Fabio Cannavaro, being injected with a substance administered by a doctor before a match.


Although the substance that was injected, Neoton, is not actually an illegal drug, it is only supposed to be administered under very specific conditions, and not to healthy individuals. The fact that Cannavaro was being injected with the substance solely as a performance enhancer and in front of his complying team-mates has left the football world shocked.


Due to the facts that the footage is not recent, that Neoton is not technically illegal, and that Cannavaro was playing for another team at the time (Parma), he will not be punished for any misconduct.

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