Florence outdoor bars barred

Openings delayed, Parterre closed, but novelties also on the way

Editorial Staff
June 9, 2005

The beginning of June usually marks the opening of numerous outdoor bars that dot the city of Florence during hot, summer nights. This year, however, many of these bars have yet to open, leaving central piazzas dark and quiet.


Due to various technical problems, only the Rime Rampanti and Anconella locations have been able to open on time. Other, normally lively spots, like those in Piazza Santissima Annunziata and Piazza Santo Spirito, have yet to announce dates for their opening nights.


Furthermore, one of Florence’s summer mainstays will not open at all this year. The Parterre, located in Piazza Libertà, will not be offering its usual mix of concerts, food stands, bookstores, and happenings because of nearby construction projects that would have pushed its opening back to mid-June, a delay that left investors unwilling to commit.


But summer nightlife in Florence is not all lost: there are some interesting new plans in the works for this Summer.


Piazza SS. Annunziata’s program will not be run by “Jazz & Co” this year but by a new group called “Unocultura.” Unocultura, consisting of up to 20 different musical, theatrical, and cultural organisations, has the capacity to appeal to a vast range of audience. The opening has been tentatively set for June 14 and 15.


Rumour has it that a night-time program is also being planned for the recently remodelled Piazza Ghiberti, which might soon be host to a new restaurant. The large, open area above the new parking garage provides an ideal space for outdoor events.


Florence City Councillor for Culture Simone Siliani noted that all the delays and closures may mean that Florence is ready for a change. He pointed out that the same events have been used and reused over the years, and it could be time for something new. Siliani also stated that it is difficult to have a base of reliable summer activities because the City has not been able to make long-term agreements with collaborating organisations. The Rime Rampanti is a very successful outdoor location, situated just below Piazzale Michelangelo, but permits are renewed on a yearly basis, making it difficult for the City to provide long-term guarantees that even this location will remain open.

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