US. Soldiers in Iraq receiving steroids from trieste

Italian post office inundated with packages full of anabolic steroids

Editorial Staff
July 21, 2005

With the help of a post office branch in Trieste that reported a suspiciously large number of packages being sent to and from U.S. soldiers in Iraq, it seems that a large international drug ring has been broken up. A number of dealers were sending a steady supply of performance-enhancing steroids, like nandrolone and testosterone, to U.S. soldiers in Iraq, as well as to other clients.  Although the headquarters of the illegal circuit was not located in Trieste, it seems that the group, originating most probably in eastern Europe, came to Italy to use the postal services here. According to an Italian daily, one of the apprehended dealers explained that they were in Italy because “the Italian postal system offers some of the best services in the world.”

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