Berlusconi had date before justice of the peace

PM accused of making false promises on TV

Editorial Staff
January 12, 2006

Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi is set to appear before the justice of the peace in Rome on 28 February upon charges by 78-year-old, Ida Severini, accusing Berlusconi of not maintaining his publicly announced promise to increase pension checks. Severini claims she voted for Berlusconi precisely because of the promises he made on television to pensioners. After waiting several years to receive the long awaited increase, Severini became exasperated and turned to consumer advocates  to make her complaint heard. Now she will definitely get her chance. 


The justice of the peace in Rome has summoned Signora Ida and Silvio Berlusconi to appear on 28 February. Welfare Minister Roberto Maroni has been called as a witness, as has television presenter Bruno Vespa. It was on Mr Vespa’s talk show that the prime minister repeated his claim of granting an increase to all pensioners who were entitled. Ida Severini has become a symbol in the battle against Berlusconi and his unkept promises.

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