Towards Championship

Editorial Staff
March 23, 2006

“Hell-week” starts out in the best way possible for the Fiorentina, who will be playing three games in six days. Victory against a team as tough as Ascoli, who beat Roma last week, is a great beginning  to a week of constant matches.  On Wednesday night, in Caglieri, the team will play the make-up match which was postponed last week due to strong winds. Then on Saturday, they will take a trip north for the game against Milan. Super Toni and Pazzini, as expected, were allowed to rest at the beginning of the match and sent onto the field for the second half of the game. They earned the violet team three points, confirming yet again the talent and luck of coach Pirandelli, who is able to propose the right tactics at the right time. Much praise went to the violet president Diego Della Valle, who was strongly attacked by the President of the Council Silvio Berlusconi (and the Milan football club). At election time, it seems, politics affect football, too.

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