Ill be back

Editorial Staff
November 16, 2006

Italy’s former World Cup winning coach Marcello Lippi said Monday he would like to reignite his career in time for the 2007/2008 season. Lippi quit his post as Italy coach three days after leading the side to victory over France in the World Cup final. But after a season out during which he has rejected more than a handful of offers from Europe and America, the 58-year-old is now look-ing at getting back to the touchline. When asked about a possible return, Lippi replied, ‘I plan to come back next year—next season, actually. I’ve already received seven or eight offers from Europe and America, but none from Italy, where the season has just begun,’ he added. ‘For the moment I’ve got no preferences. It’s even possible that the clubs who have contacted me will no longer need me in the next 10 months.’ Roberto Donadoni replaced Lippi as Italy coach.

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