More money, better life

Right and left share same concerns

Editorial Staff
November 2, 2006

Health care, pensions and the economy are top priorities which Italians would like to see their government address, reported an new poll issued last week. Fighting crime, regulating immigration and combating tax evasion were also listed as priorities. The IPR Marketing survey, commissioned by the Rome daily La Repubblica, found that, while each of the priorities remained the same among all those interviewed, the order of their importance varied depending on political persuasion.


Centre-left voters, for example, listed their priorities as combating tax evasion, health care, the economy, employment and fighting crime, respectively. The order of priorities for the centre- right, on the other hand, was health care, pension reform, fighting crime and combating tax evasion. Other issues Italians want the government to tackle include educational reform, changing the election law, judicial reform, combating terrorism, the environment and modernizing infrastructures.

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