Beach blanket by Arno

City inaugurates new riverside beach

Editorial Staff
May 17, 2007

City councilors have officially announced the opening of the Arno River’s first beachfront area. The Lungarno Beach, equipped with sand, walking paths and sunbathing lounge chairs, will be located just under the San Niccolò ramp.


Environment superintendent Claudio Del Lungo admits that there is something Felliniesque about the city ‘rediscovering’ the Arno in this manner and states that ‘our main objective is to bring citizens into closer contact with our river.’


Scheduled to be inaugurated on June 18, the project will cost the city an estimated 80,000 euro. Open both day and evening hours, the new beach will include a fenced playground for children and a volleyball field. A new walking path leading to Ponte alle Grazie will seal this sweet summer deal.

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