Clooney stays cozy in Como

Actor refutes gossip that he plans to sell villa

Editorial Staff
October 31, 2007

Hollywood star, George Clooney told the press that he will stay in Laglio, the small fishing town on the southwestern end of Lake Como, calling it his ‘home away from home’. ‘I’m so taken with where I live and how much I love that area. I go there whenever I can. It’s a really peaceful place to go and write’.


Clooney explained, however, that he was almost forced to leave Laglio when a town official proposed to turn an old dock and abandoned land next to Clooney’s villa into a park so that tourists and stargazers could view his lakeside villa.


The proposal ‘seemed so toxic to me’, said Clooney, that he was willing to sell his home rather than ‘ruin the town’ with his presence. Fortunately, a petition signed by the townspeople of Laglio, and by Clooney himself, succeeded in quashing the proposal.

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