Put To Pasture

Turin modernizes public park maintenance

Editorial Staff
April 17, 2008


The city of Turin will save 30,000 euro by using herds of sheep to mow its public lawns. For the second year in a row, sheep are being used to trim the grass in city parks and, at the same time, save local taxpayers' money.


A herd of sheep graze in Meisino park, a vast area of land along the Po River located on the eastern outskirts of the city, while a second herd will munch the grass in Sangone park. The two herds will graze the public grounds for two months.


The 700 sheep and 16 newborn lambs grazing Meisino park belong to Chieri shepherd Federico Tombolato. ‘I came here last year and it worked out really well. The city saved money and kept the park clean, while I saved money by not having to rent fields to graze my sheep', Tombolato said.


The sheep will move from section to section of the parks, spending a few days grazing in fenced-in areas. After they move on, the trimmed area will remain closed for a short period while the grass reseeds.

‘There are some minor inconveniences for the public but the initiative has a naturalistic value and is even educational, allowing people, especially young people, to come into contact with and learn more about animals', a Turin official commented.


Once their work in the city is done, the sheep will head to mountain pastures.

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