Master of change,

From Muslim to Christian, journalist to politician

Editorial Staff
December 11, 2008

Last March, Magdi Allam, the Egyptian-born former deputy editor of the Italian daily, Corriere della Sera, was fiercely criticized by Muslims for his decision to convert to the Roman Catholic faith. He recently announced that his next ‘conversion' will be to politics.



Allam's newly established party, Protagonists for Christian Europe (PCE), will defend Europe's Christian values, which he claims, have been threatened by secularism and moral relativism. Open to people of all faiths, PCE ( will be a secular party with close ties to the conservative European People's Party.



Allam says the new party will run in the upcoming European elections in 2009, and he is already working to establish the party in Italy, where it will soon be opening up offices.



Explaining why he is renouncing journalism after 35 years, the 56-year-old Allam said, ‘In the last few years, the need to put my words to practice grew stronger and stronger.'     

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