Help at the touch of a button

Electronic bracelet for people in need

Editorial Staff
February 26, 2009

The city of Genoa has launched a pilot project with the aim of guaranteeing emergency assistance to those in danger of being potentially lost, hurt or becoming targets of violence.


They are considering a bracelet using advanced GPS satellite technology that, at the touch of a button, would send a request for help to authorities, much like the technology used by Israeli army officials.


By pushing the red help button, the wearer will be put in contact with a 24-hour call center that will offer assistance or send help. Other buttons can be programmed with the telephone numbers of family members, friends, the police or the hospital.


The pilot project will last three months and, in that period, the bracelet will be worn by a total of 35 volunteers from four categories: the elderly, children aged 9 to 12 years, women who are frequently out late at night, and tourists.  


Volunteers will also be able to use the bracelet to report crimes or call the municipal police.

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