Venice carnival goes green

Plants and flowers to adorn famous square

Editorial Staff
February 12, 2009

St. Mark's Square will be turned into a Renaissance garden during this year's carnival, organizers recently announced. Nearly 4,000 plants will be laid out to from a formal garden during the festivities, running February 14 to 24.


Only those wearing the traditional carnival masks will have access to the garden's plants, hedges and walkways on weekends. Carnival celebrations will include processions, concerts, art shows, food displays and plays.


Organizers are expecting some one million visitors for carnival. Nonetheless, Venice officials hope a greener St. Mark's Square will help increase tourism this year, despite the economic crisis. ‘We've got a hard year ahead of us and authorities have to work together to do everything to help out what is the most important industry of our region-tourism', said mayor Massimo Cacciari.


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