Risk on two wheels

Statistics reveal the dangers of cycling in Italy

Editorial Staff
May 21, 2009

One Italian dies every day and 40 more are hospitalized for injuries suffered while cycling. According to a recently issued study by Asaps, the national cycling association, the mortality rate among habitual cyclists in Italy has increased considerably since 2005.    


Other studies confirm the risk that cyclists take on Italy's streets and roads. According to Istat, 352 cyclists died in the 15, 713 reported bike accidents in 2007, 11 percent more than did so in 2005. Among modes of transportation in Italy, cyclists have the highest mortality rate, calculated at 2.18, compared to 1.96 for motorcyclists, 1.06 for those who drive scooters, 0.78 for drivers of cars, 0.67 for truck drivers and 0.48 for bus drivers.   

By comparison, in 2007 Holland, France, and Great Britain, countries with a tradition and rate of use of bicycles similar to Italy's, each had fewer than 200 deaths through bicycle accidents. The highest number of Italy's cycling victims were reported in Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Veneto.

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