Start with the arts

Editorial Staff
September 10, 2009

Getting back to the city and real life after the August holidays isn't easy. Luckily, TF has got the formula for making the rientro as painless and fun as possible.


Whether you stayed in town or headed for greener pastures, it's likely that you relaxed and recharged your batteries. It seems that Florence did the same and is eager to share a different side of itself with a wide range of exciting cultural events. As you prepare to reload and reboot, take a refreshing break and head to Palazzo Pitti's Sala Bianca for Massimo Listri's contemporary photography exhibition featuring some of the city's most well-known monuments in a totally new light. If your working day already has you back on your toes, opt for a host of free evening concerts in some of Florence's most stunning outdoor markets and libraries. The city offers this and much more in the post-summer period. Ease into the daily grind and start with the arts!

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