Cleaning up Chianti

Jared Turkus
October 8, 2009

On the morning of September 19, a group of students from the International School of Florence gathered to clean the hiking and off-road trails of the Chianti countryside.


Their goal was to make the countryside a more pleasant place by purging the Chianti hillsides of litter. Scouring 3.5 kilometers of trails, the students stuffed 21 large trash bags with refuse that included gloves, bottles, cans, paper towels and cigarette cartons-items that could have been recycled rather than discarded.


The project was a bonding experience for all. The students worked as a team toward the goal of making Chianti a litter-free place to live in and visit.


The project will continue throughout the academic year. The students hope their work will inspire others and encourage people to be more respectful and appreciative of their environment.

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