Swap it, wear it

Exchanging style in Milan

Editorial Staff
October 8, 2009

Black Gucci cigarette pants for a D&G blouse. A Miu Miu clutch for a pair of strappy Manolo Blaniks. Bartering took centre stage during Milan's September fashion week, when, following the trend that is sweeping the New York and London fashion scenes, Milan launched its own Urban Swap Party.


The rules of bartering garments and accessories are simple: items must be almost new, in good condition, and stylish.


‘They don't have to be brand names-it's better if they are-but those interested can also bring vintage pieces and clothes from less expensive brands, like Zara. The important thing is they are unique and current pieces,' explained Chiara Bettelli from the Atelier del Riciclo, the association that organized Milan's Urban Swap Party, which ran from September 25 to 27, and was held in three locations in the city's centre.


Organizers say the trend allows the fashion-conscious to refresh their wardrobes at no cost while honing their skills in the fine art of bartering. 


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