Sports for the disabled

Basketball and social-sports inclusion

Editorial Staff
November 19, 2009

Every Monday, 40 youths from the Elsa Morante Institute for the disabled meet up with kids from the Matrix cooperative for two hours of shooting hoops at the San Marcellino sports complex. Soon other sports will be added to the roster, including judo, archery, dance, bocce ball and juggling. 


The weekly practices are part Over the Limits, a project that offers an array of sports activities for Florence's disabled youth.


‘The project is the result of a strong synergy between local schools, sports and sports associations. It is an occasion in which some of the most fragile can, through sport, grow and evolve socially and athletically. The city of Florence strongly supports this project because it is the perfect example of the city's objective to reiterate that sports should be made more readily available to the citizenry,' said local sports superintendent Barbara Cavandoli.

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