Five pounds of hope in Vicenza,

Italy-US-UK partnership prototypes mobile dialysis

Editorial Staff
January 28, 2010

A trans-Atlantic research team hopes to free people in chronic renal failure from the dialysis machines and time-consuming hospital visits that govern their lives. The partners, who work in Los Angeles, London and Vincenza, are prototyping two lightweight devices that patients can wear.


Weighing in at five pounds, the wearable artificial kidney, or WAK, includes a control device using Bluetooth technology, worn around the neck, and a belt connected to catheters containing the filtration system that does the work of the kidneys.


Vincenza was the site of the international debut of WAK. There, with Dr. Claudio Ronco, director of the Department of Nephrology of the Hospital of San Bartolo, 14 patients are trying out the portable dialysis system that could change the lives of many patients around the world.


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