When only the best will do

Editorial Staff
January 28, 2010


Funerals are expensive, but a final resting place next to Marcello Mastroianni can cost up to 100,000 euro. Rome's Azienda Municipale Ambientale (AMA), the municipal body that manages the city's waste disposal and cemeteries, was stunned by the price fetched at auction for a covered tomb in Verano cemetery, the Eternal city's most prestigious. With a starting price of 150,000 euro, the mausoleum, which is located next to the final resting spots of some of Italy's most illustrious figures, including the novelist Alberto Moravia and the movie directors Roberto Rossellini and Vittorio De Sica, went for close to a million euro. ‘We certainly weren't prepared for the sale of a tomb for €938, 000,' said AMA's managing director, Franco Panzironi.


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