On the Pitch

SUF students hit the soccer field

Joanna Weinstein
February 25, 2010

Calcetto. Many Syracuse students pondered the strange word that sounds nothing like the familiar game of soccer Americans know and love. However, once the game was explained by coach Beth De Felici, 24 players from Syracuse University Florence (SUF) hopped on board, creating two teams that quickly adapted to the smaller fields and somewhat similar rules to American indoor soccer.


After several tough practices, reminding many of their true passion for this sport, SUF students are ready to compete in the 10th semester tournament, which began on February 22, with SUF up against the Accademia Fiorentina squad. Some 160 students will play on 15 teams during the two-week tournament, on the fields located off Guisti Road. The finals will take place two weeks later. De Felici noted that the owner of the Lion's Fountain Pub, Fabio Crescioli, started the tournament to help integrate students with local Italian culture.  


De Felici has been Syracuse's coach for the past three years. Because she can no longer play, she coaches. ‘By coaching, I am able to live vicariously through my players. By playing calcetto, students learn a new way of life...that's our main goal for the tournament,' she explained.


Although it can get quite competitive, every team comes out a winner in this torneo.  Every player receives a medal and the top three win a trophy. Still, De Felici is determined to take first place this year, with many talented men and woman on this spring's Syracuse calcetto team. 

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