Are Singles Discriminated Against?

More rights for Italy’s lonely hearts’

Editorial Staff
March 11, 2010

Non-married Italians want their own government ministry to fight the various forms of discrimination they suffer on a day-to-day basis for not being married. Joe Lo Pilato, from the southern Italian city of Naples, who heads of the newly formed Union of Love for Singles, recently voiced the call.


According to the group, a ministry for singles would help people living alone fight lower wages and alleged discrimination. They also want mandatory government funding, travel discounts and tax breaks. ‘We denounce the fact that singles are penalised in the workplace and virtually every walk of life ... We're up against discrimination wherever we turn, from civil service jobs to public housing,' said 63-year-old Lo Pilato.


The Union of Love for Singles says it will hold Italy's first National Singles Day on July 24, 2010, in Naples.

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