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A new guides for tourists in Rome

Editorial Staff
March 11, 2010

Local tourist offices and the team of Tourist Angels will be handing out a new guide to tourists to help them better visit Rome. 


Called Easy Rome, the guide will offer advice on how to avoid being swindled in shops and restaurants, as well as other helpful hints on how to better enjoy a visit to Italy's capital.


Promoted by the local administration, the guides will be available in English and Italian, as well as in Spanish and Portuguese. The 40-page booklet will also feature tour suggestions and museum information, as well as restaurant listings and taxi information.  


Meanwhile, the latest edition of the popular ‘red' guide to Rome, published by Italy's historic Touring Club Editore, has been issued, in both paper and electronic formats. In Italian only at the moment, the new 2010 electronic guide is available on Amazon's E-reader, Kindle, for $9.99 ($17.50 for the paper version).


The publisher has also issued an electronic version of its 2010 ‘green' guide to Rome on the iPhone. The Guida Verde Roma 2010, in both English and Italian, is available on iTunes for $4.99.

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