Getty teams up with Sicily

Editorial Staff
March 25, 2010


The J. Paul Getty Museum will be expanding its partnerships with various regions in Italy through a long-term cultural collaboration with Sicily. The accord will involve object conservation, earthquake protection of collections and exhibitions. Currently, the Getty has partnerships with the Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Florence and the Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Naples. The new collaborations are the result of a 2007 agreement between the Getty and the Italian ministry of culture. As part of that accord, the Getty agreed to transfer 40 disputed works of art back to Italy. Italy and the Getty also agreed to a ‘broad cultural collaboration' that would include loans of significant art works, joint exhibitions and other endeavours. Among the initiatives in the United States is a new Getty exhibition, to be held in Malibu in 2013, that will explore Sicily during the Classical and Hellenistic periods.


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