The carpool connection,

First Italian website puts the like-minded in contact

Editorial Staff
March 11, 2010

Carpooling, liftshare, ride sharing: it has many names but the same mission-to save money on commuting costs and help the environment. Urban traffic and the recent rise in smog levels in many Italian cities have prompted two university students in Bologna to launch Italy's first independent car-pooling website that covers the entire national territory.


Although carpooling initiatives have been started in numerous municipalities throughout Italy, they have not been very successful. The new site,, hopes to encourage car-sharing throughout Italy, thereby reducing traffic and pollution while helping people save money.


The service is free. Users need only register to open an account. Those with accounts in Italy can post either a need for a lift or spots available in their cars. Drivers must also insert their license plate number for added security. Drivers and passengers can also post feedback about rides on the site.

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