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Italy first in Europe for Internet usage

Editorial Staff
March 11, 2010

Italians who use the Internet do so more than their counterparts elsewhere in Europe, according to a recent survey conducted by InSites Consulting, in collaboration with IAB Europe.


The survey revealed that 98 percent of Italian Internet users go online at least once a week to check and write emails, and 92 percent get their news from online media sources, compared to an average 93 percent and 79 percent of European users, respectively.  


The survey showed that Internet usage in Europe varies widely from country to country, from an average of 85 percent recorded in the Netherlands to an average 32 percent in Romania. Moreover, most European users go online once every six to seven days to check email and stay connected for about one hour. 


The survey also showed that more than half of European Internet users are present on the Internet's major social networking platforms.

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