Italy wows the world,

The star of Shanghai Expo

Editorial Staff
May 6, 2010

With its theme of ‘City of Man', the first two days of the international EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, the Italian pavilion had already attracted some 700,000 people, about 30,000 a day. The pavilion, which simulates a small Italian city, allows visitors to experience walking through narrow streets, piazzas, courtyards and alleyways. Italy's famous luxury cars, fashion and artworks are featured, and artists, fashion designers and artisans show their talents.


The pavilion, built with recyclable materials, features energy-storage devices and energy-efficient systems, air purification and antibacterial ceramic tiles.  It also highlights 300 projects of Italy's recent achievements in technology and environmental protection, including a cutting-edge construction material known as transparent concrete and a special paint that can clean the air by eating smog. The inventions will be on display from late July to early August.


Several high-profile figures are expected to visit the innovative pavilion, among them Liu Yongqing, wife of Chinese president Hu Jintao, several prime ministers, and American musician Quincy Jones.


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