Italy’s richest cities

Siena among the most prosperous provinces

Editorial Staff
May 6, 2010

Tuscany has set another record. According to a survey conducted by the national financial daily Il Sole 24 Ore, the southern Tuscan province of Siena, which boasts some of the most beautiful natural areas in the country, is also one of the wealthiest provincial capitals in Italy.


After Venice, which claimed the top spot through the revenue it receives from its casino and other special levies, Siena ranked high because of the revenue it receives from taxes and tariffs and the health of its budget.


According to the ranking, Italy's most indebted provincial capitals are Turin and Milan, and its poorest are Agrigento and Enna.


The survey was based on data collected by Italy's Audit Court in anticipation of upcoming national legislation that will introduce fiscal federalism.   

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