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Help for seniors at family home

Editorial Staff
November 18, 2010


A new centre for seniors and their families with limited means has opened in Florence. Called the Casa delle famiglie (Home for Families), the centre offers a variety of services, including psychological and physical counselling, legal consulting and expense-management services, and basic company for seniors who qualify for the program.


The centre, which serves entire families who may have less than the required means to take care of an ailing relative on their own, was founded by Centro di Solidarietà (Ceis) of Florence and follows the principles of individual empowerment and community.


Families receive support not only at the centre but also through a network of services for families who already receive aid through the city and other programs.


‘This service represents an important response to the needs of others,' commented regional superintendent of health Stefania Saccardi. ‘Ceis, bringing together an entire network of services already available in the territory, identifies the most appropriate plan of action according to each individual's needs. This program offers invaluable help, all the more so since it is given by volunteers.'


The Casa delle famiglie, whose headquarters are on via Pisana, 2, is open on Tuesdays from 10am to noon, and Fridays from 6pm to 8pm. For more information call 055/223328.


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