Serial adulterers’

More cheating among Italians

Editorial Staff
November 4, 2010

According to a recent survey by the Italian Association of Family lawyers, half of married Italians have had affairs and the number is growing.


According to the findings, married men in Italy are less faithful than their female counterparts: 55 percent of husbands admit to having an affair, while 45 percent of wives do. The average age of married men and women who cheat is 44, the survey reports.


Milan is Italy's ‘capital of marital infidelity,' and social networking and dating websites are encouraging 'serial adultery', the research concluded.


Some 60 percent of extramarital affairs occur in the workplace and romantic rendezvous typically take place during lunch breaks, between 2 and 3pm. ‘The figures reveal a major crisis in marital relations,' said the association's president, Gian Ettore Gassani, adding ‘Besides domestic violence, this stems from new customs which bring Italy more into line with northern European countries.'

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