VIOLA Corner

Melinda Gallo
November 18, 2010




Frey and Montolivo out

The Fiorentina is experiencing difficulties with many players out with injuries. This week, two more players joined them on the bench: goalkeeper Sebastien Frey and midfielder Riccardo Montolivo. Frey has a knee ligament injury that will most likely keep him off the field for the rest of the season. Polish Artur Boruc, acquired this summer from Celtic, will be taking his place. Montolivo, who has been struggling on the field with an ankle injury, will be out for at least six weeks after surgery.


Della Valle clears the air

After ex-head coach Cesare Prandelli commented about Fiorentina players being ‘spoiled,' Diego Della Valle held a press conference on November 5 to clear the air. Besides Della Valle's disappointment in Prandelli's criticism of the team, he also talked about how Prandelli was the one who wanted to leave the Fiorentina to coach the team's rival, Juventus. Della Valle said he found out through the club's president in Turin and approached Prandelli. At the time, Prandelli turned the situation around and said that he was being pushed out of the Fiorentina. Della Valle said that he's not happy with Prandelli, but wishes him the best. He concluded the press conference by saying, ‘ didn't want to stay in Florence. What is better than being Italy's national coach?'


Three more points for the Fiorentina

On November 7 for the first lunchtime match at Franchi stadium, Fiorentina played its 10th game of the season against Chievo. Only seven minutes after ex-Roma player Alessio Cerci came in to substitute Marco Marchionni late in the second half, Cerci scored his first goal for the Fiorentina. Chievo were unable to get the ball past Boruc, allowing the Fiorentina to win 1-0 and move up to 11th place in the Serie A rankings.


A loss in Rome

The Fiorentina headed to Rome to play the 11th match of the season on November 10. Roma scored its first goal at the last minute of the first half and then another goal within the first minutes of the second half. Viola striker Alberto Gilardino scored the team's first goal in the second half, followed up by another goal for Roma. Gaetano D'Agostino kicked a free kick past the Roma goalkeeper to end the match 3-2. The Fiorentina dropped to 13th place.


Viola moves up

The Fiorentina played Cesena on November 13 at Franchi stadium. After an uneventful first half, the second half proved to be livelier. Cerci kicked the ball into the box and Gilardino turned it around to score. The match ended 1-0 thanks to the Fiorentina defense, which failed to give Cesena a chance to score. The Fiorentina moved up one spot in the Serie A rankings with these three points.


Fiorentina plays Reggina for TIM Cup

On November 25, the Fiorentina will be playing against Serie B team Reggina in the fourth round of the TIM Cup competition.



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