Naples on fire (again)

Editorial Staff
May 19, 2011

Yet another trash emergency is gripping the southern city of Naples. With an estimated 3,000 tons of refuse lying in the streets of Naples and surrounding province, frustrated residents have started throwing the garbage bags in the middle of the streets, blocking traffic; others have been setting the trash piles ablaze to ward off disease and pests. Firefighters in Naples struggled to put out dozens of piles of rubbish set ablaze in early May as 160 Italian soldiers began cleaning up the streets, sent by the Italian government to help deal with the crisis, which presents serious health risks to residents. City officials blame the ‘continual garbage emergency' on the poor functioning of the region's waste disposal network, a lack of incinerators and low levels of household recycling. ‘The problem won't be resolved by the army. Their intervention is not decisive and the impact will be limited,' said Paolo Giacomelli, a sanitary official for the local administration in Naples.




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