Power to the people,

Editorial Staff
May 5, 2011

On April 30, city officials in Milan celebrated ‘Expo Day,' to start the four-year countdown to opening day of Milan's green-themed Expo, to be called Nutrire il Pianeta, Energia per la Vita (‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life'), which will run from May 1 to October 31, 2015. Officials say that Milan will mark Expo Day annually until 2015. The city of Milan took another important step in preparing to host the 2015 Universal Exhibition, launching an online campaign (http://concorsologo.expo2015.org) that allows users to vote until May 22 for their favourite logo for the Expo. Users will choose between the two logos, selected by a jury that included designer Giorgio Armani, which focus on the Expo's theme: the fight against famine and malnutrition worldwide through sustainable development, global cooperation and new technology.



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