Miracle in Milan?

At the Russian Orthodox church of San Nicolas

Editorial Staff
June 16, 2011

Located in what was once a house for lepers on via San Gregorio (near corso Buenos Aires), Milan's Russian Orthodox church and sanctuary of San Nicolas welcomes a hundred or so worshippers every Sunday morning. But recently, the church has seen an influx of non-Italian worshippers, the result of reports that a painting of the Virgin Mary has shed tears.


No stranger to mysterious happenings, the parish church of the San Nicolas recently conducted an exorcism on a parish member. Then, arriving for Sunday-morning mass in late May, parishioners were amazed when, they allege, one of the icons the Virgin Mary in the sanctuary started to ‘cry.' Witnesses claim that a real tear fell from the Madonna's eyes on the so-called miraculous icon. It is the third time since 2008 that this icon, an image painted on wood, has shed tears. Each time, witnesses claim, the tears were accompanied by an equally mysterious scent of roses.


Priest and custodian of the church, Evloghios, originally from Germany, has lived in Milan for 38 years; he explained that this painting is an ‘ongoing mystery that has yet to be solved ...  a piece of wood that sheds tears is something that cannot be explained. And we are the first to ask ourselves why this would happen in our small church.' 



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