Tuscan crafts on the iPhone

Take a virtual tour of Tuscany

Editorial Staff
June 16, 2011

ArTour, the new app created for the iPhone, takes you on a journey through Florence and Tuscany's many artisan workshops.


Sponsored by Artex, the center for arts and crafts, the app is being used to promote the Florence and the Tuscan region's centuries-old artisan traditions.


Announcing the app, regional councillor Gianfranco Simoncini said that it ‘reaffirms the importance of Artex's work in the promotion of artistic quality, which is a distinctive element of the craft.' He also mentioned the importance of artisans in contributing to the region's economy.


In the context of the recent economic crisis, which has strained Tuscany as it has the rest of the world, Simoncini noted that because it ties production and manufacturing to tourism, which are key contributors to the local economy, the app is important to encourage exports and increase tourism.


‘With the development of ArTour, the traditions of ancient art and modern times are connected, by disseminating information about artisans' work all over the globe using some of the most advanced and commonly used technologies, such as the iPhone,' he noted.

For more information, see http://www.artour.toscana.it.



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