Write the mayor

Fostering dialogue between Florence’s mayor and the English-speaking community

Matteo Renzi
September 15, 2011

As of today, The Florentine will be hosting an innovative new column, Write the Mayor, in collaboration with Florence's 'first citizen', Matteo Renzi. Write the Mayor is an initiative that was suggested by the mayor himself, as he wishes to initiate a lively dialogue with the English-speaking community in Florence. The new column will give readers of The Florentine a chance to send Mayor Renzi your questions and thoughts; to make suggestions, complaints and critiques; or to discuss pressing local issues that affect daily life in Florence. In turn, every two weeks, the mayor will respond to readers' most pertinent questions in the pages of The Florentine. This column will be exclusive to our publication and will address news and views of specific interest to the English-speaking community in Florence.


How does the column work?

The Florentine will collect and gather all questions received via email. Based on our publication's extensive editorial experience and news coverage of the City, and in addition to its knowledge and integral role in the English-speaking community here, The Florentine will be in charge of the selection process. The editorial staff will choose the most interesting questions and comments received from the community and forward them to the mayor. Questions and comments will be carefully selected to reflect a range of views and perspectives. Selections will be based on the following criteria: importance of the issues raised; timeliness and relevance of questions; interest level to readers. The Florentine's editorial team will then forward the selected questions and comments to the mayor, in anticipation of a written response.


How to Write the Mayor

Those interested in writing the mayor must follow a few simple rules. Please send your messages and comments via email to: redazione@theflorentine.net. You must state 'Write the Mayor' in the subject line of the email. Emails must clearly state the author's first name, surname, city and country of birth, and the city and country in which he or she currently resides. The maximum word length of each message or question will be 1,000 characters (spaces included). The authors of the emails selected will be notified in advance. The mayor's answers will be published in the print edition of The Florentine, on The Florentine website, and on the official English-language website of the City of Florence (http://en.comune.fi.it). The Florentine reserves the right to edit and limit the questions and comments selected and sent to the mayor. Easy-to-follow instructions on how to submit your questions and comments to the column are available at www.theflorentine.net.


There are many English speakers in Florence. Florence is filled with English speakers! Young people studying abroad at American universities, tourists, foreign-born residents. This City embraces everyone - Florence belongs to all who love it! It is for this reason that I have asked The Florentine to grant me a column in which I can enter into direct contact with you. We can use this column to meet one another freely; you can write to me and tell me about how you 'live' the City; we can talk about problems and concerns, you can suggest solutions. Because Florence is also yours, whoever is charged with its administration also has the responsibility of knowing your views on important issues. I am convinced that it will be an enriching experience for all of us. The Florentine is the ideal place for this initiative: it is a top-quality, independent publication and the perfect medium to foster open dialogue.

I await your messages!


With best wishes,



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