Write the Mayor

Matteo Renzi
October 27, 2011

Those interested in writing the mayor can send messages and comments via email to redazione@theflorentine.net, stating 'Write the Mayor' in the subject line of the email. Emails must clearly state the author's first name, surname, city and country of birth, and the city and country of residence.


Dear Mayor Renzi,

I would like you to find a solution to the constant interruption of traffic around 8:30-8:45 most mornings by garbage trucks emptying the dumpsters, creating traffic jams as people try to get children to school and go to work.

Why can't this type of public service be done earlier, say at 6:30 or 7am? Is there some contractual law forbidding the drivers to work earlier in the morning?

This problem creates delays of up to 15 minutes, and I often find two or three trucks in the same neighborhood on different streets. Wouldn't traffic flow better at rush hour if these trucks were off the road at that time?


Thank you. Best,

Elizabeth Sherman

from Tampa, Florida, USA

13-year resident of Florence, Quart. 2



Dear Elizabeth,

I understand the problems caused by the garbage trucks that pass in the morning when people are taking their children to school and going to work. The problem with making the trash collection rounds earlier, as has been done in the past, is that then people are disturbed and awakened by the noise. Clearly, neither time slot is ideal.


Thank you for writing,




Dear Mayor Renzi,

How nice to see your young and smiling face on the local papers every day. I hope you choose to answer the following questions: How many of the 100 points of your campaign in 100 days have been successfully accomplished so far? Can you name them? Were most of the disasters we are living in the city today also part of the campaign?

I think that there are a couple of things you should look into. First, the old Cinema Cavour in via Cavour has been closed for years and people throw garbage, papers, bottles and so forth through its gate. It is quite a bad-looking situation in a central street like via Cavour, and thus needs attention. Second, one Sunday morning as I was walking on the side of Arno river facing the Cannottieri Club, I noted that next to the club, 7 cars and 10 motorbieks and scooters were parked about 50cm from the river. Who has given these people permission to park along the river next to the Galleria degli Uffizi? Did they have disabled passes? It takes precious time to note the above things: perhaps you can spare some and dedicate a few moments to the city, instead of politics and interviews.

I cannot say the same as Mrs. Sasso of TF 149: thanks for your hard work in our beautiful city!


Un bacione a Firenze.

Mauro Annese from Florence



Dear Mauro,

The Cinema Cavour is privately owned, which makes it very difficult for the city government to take measures to improve its appearance. This is true for various buildings around the city and is an example of one way in which the city administration's hands are tied in seeking to make improvements.


Regarding the Cannottieri Club, the first thing to know is that the banks of the River Arno are under the control of the Province of Florence and not the City of Florence. I have been told that the Province has given the management of that piece of land to the Associazione Cannottieri to keep clean and in order, as it is an important docking site for the ‘svaro dei ranaioli.' or the boats that bring tourists down the Arno; it is also an important location for fire trucks and ambulances. In exchange for this service, on Sundays, the Cannottieri Club is permitted to use the space for private parking. Throughout the week the space may also be used by the Club for parking a small number of scooters.


Many thanks,



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