Write the Mayor

Matteo Renzi
October 13, 2011

Those interested in writing the mayor can send messages and comments via email to redazione@theflorentine.net, stating 'Write the Mayor' in the subject line of the email. Emails must clearly state the author's first name, surname, city and country of birth, and the city and country of residence. 



Dear Mr. Renzi,

A close family member of mine is disabled and we have a disabled parking sticker for the car. Obviously this makes our life much easier in terms of logistics and grants us the freedom to carry out a ‘normal' life. My one perplexity is that during street-cleaning we cannot keep the car in the disabled parking space. This means parking far from the house and is very inconvenient for us, as I'm sure it is for others in the same situation. Is it not possible to allow cars to remain in the disabled parking spaces during street-cleaning? After all, bicycles remain where they are and are presumably much harder to sweep around and under with a broom.


Thank you for this opportunity to communicate with you through The Florentine!



Sarah Beck

Born in the UK, Residing in Florence, Italy



Dear Sarah,

Thank you for writing. All disabled residents in Florence have the right to park their cars close to their home in the entire municipality of Florence, even during street-cleaning. I'm pretty sure that this has to be a misunderstanding. Please tell your family member not to worry:  his or her car will not be towed!


Stay in touch,




Dear Matteo,

Your social media management is renowned in Italy, and this step of contributing on a regular basis to an English- speaking community's newspaper is a decisive and innovative one. Can we look forward to seeing the mayor on social media in English?



Suzi Jenkins

UK-born, Florence resident



Dear Suzi,

Thank you for your letter. As you can see, I'm very interested-and delighted-to keep in touch with English-speaking people. My communication through social media is ‘homemade': I write my own tweets and comments on Facebook.. But I could think of an English version of my blog, www.avisoaperto.it. Maybe a Florentine reader could help with the translation!






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