Write the Mayor

Matteo Renzi
January 19, 2012

Those interested in writing the mayor can send messages and comments via email to redazione@theflorentine.net, stating 'Write the Mayor' in the subject line of the email. Emails must clearly state the author's first name, surname, city and country of birth, and the city and country of residence.


Dear Mayor Renzi,

The intersection of Borgo Qgnissanti and via Cutatone (Quartiere 1, School District Via Montbello) is very dangerous for children and adults. I know this because I enjoy walking my son to and from school, and it would be a much less stressful walk if there were crossing guards at the busier intersections. It appears that stopping for pedestrians at barred crosswalks is not enforced. I see plenty of traffic police giving out tickets to parked vehicles; couldn't they spare a little time in the mornings and afternoons to ensure the safety of Florence's school children?



Monika Kober

Chicago USA/Germany



Dear Monika,

Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention. As you may know, Florence is the first city in the country to have a plan for promoting road safety: it's called the DAVID project. McKinsey Consultants has been working with the Comune to indentify the most dangerous points in the city. Frankly, this intersection was not among them. However, I have asked the traffic police to check this intersection, which they will be doing next week.


Best wishes,




Dear Mayor Renzi,

I have the utmost respect for what bold moves you have taken on behalf of my adopted city (I am an American retiree). But I wish that the local police force would pay more attention to a difficult situation. Maybe they don't see it as a problem, but I see a lot of memorials to pedestrians who have been run over in Florence. I live just outside the city walls, near Piazza Alberti. I do not own a car. But I walk the streets every day for shopping or other errands. What I see just on one small block are 10 to 20 automobiles or motorcycles parked illegally-most prominently and obstructively-in pedestrian crosswalk areas, on sidewalks, in zones for trash bins, in driveways, double- and triple-parked along curbs, some with lights flashing (to suggest, ‘I'm moving shortly') but most without. In 18 months of living here, I have never seen any police presence ticketing nor have I seen any tickets left on vehicles. If people think that they will not be ticketed, they will do whatever they can get away with. It's natural. Is there anything you can do to help us pedestrians from being run over while we try to negotiate our way around these unlawful barriers?



Kath Thomas


Dear Kath,

You are right to point out this bad habit, which is especially pronounced in shopping areas like the one you mention. Some people take the easy route of double-parking or parking on the sidewalks without regard for others; there is no excuse for this behaviour, especially because there is a huge parking structure in Piazza Alberti. Fortunately, there is a police station right in that area and we will ask them to make more inspections.




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