Biking is better

Editorial Staff
March 1, 2012

There are more than 11 million cyclists in Italy, and for good reason. Biking keeps our bodies in shape, it is cost-effective and keeps the earth clean. It helps us help our cities, by improving liveability and reducing pollution and motor traffic. In order to promote biking in the city, Florence has recently improved its bicycle-renting service, expanding the number of bike rental points throughout the city, among other novelties. Different from the bike-sharing schemes found in other Italian and European cities such as Rome, Milan, Paris and London, the rental service in Florence greatly benefits locals, allowing them to rent bikes cheaply and avoid vandalism, theft and the high costs that such projects require.


In this issue, TF interviewed Giampiero Gallo, commissioner for Bicycle-related Policies of the City of Florence, who spoke of how he hopes to make Florence's streets safer and raise awareness on the benefits of cycling throughout the city [Read the interview on page 13].


Gallo hopes that the improved rental scheme, in addition to more awareness campaigns, cycling paths and a future bike-sharing program, will help ‘change people's mentality' because ‘if we provide good, safe ways of reaching places by bike then people will thinks it's a regular thing to do.' It is clear that giving cycling a boost in Florence will take some effort, but it will be well worth it-for you, the city and the entire world.

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