Gay-friendly Tavarnelle

Public housing available for same-sex couples

Editorial Staff
March 15, 2012

Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, a city in the province of Florence, will offer public housing to young couples regardless of their sexual orientation. A recent amendment to public housing regulations, which allocates housing on a points system, gives extra points to young couples, gay or straight, and single parents under 40.


‘We want to invest in young people,' explained David Baroncelli, vice mayor of Tavarnelle, ‘including all those who wish to start a family or share life projects through various forms of co-habitation: married couples, young people living together or same-sex couples. It is an operation for the recognition of rights and the promotion of diversity.'


The amendment was approved 14 to 1. (For more information, see


Elsewhere in the province, the parish priest of Le Piagge in Florence, Don Alessandro Santoro, made headlines when he stated in an interview with the magazine Panorama that he allows same-sex couples in his parish to participate in pre-marital courses together with heterosexual couples. Don Santoro is well known for his acceptance of homosexuals in his parish, contrary to the rulings of the Catholic church. On October 25, 2009, after he married a same-sex couple in the church of Le Piagge, he was removed from the parish for six months.

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