Celebrate Santa Reparata

Festivities on October 8

Editorial Staff
September 27, 2012

Santa Reparata's miraculous intercession in 406 CE helped Florence defeat an insurgence of the Ostrogoths, led by King Radagaiso, who had besieged the city. Because of her role in maintaining ancient Florence's independence and the triumph of Christianity over the barbarians, Santa Reparata was named patron of the city and the city's then main cathedral was dedicated to her.


To mark the event, on October 8, Centro Guide Turismo has organized special tours. The event includes visits in the Tower of Pagliazza, with the St. Elizabeth Roman baths and Byzantine artefacts, and the Roman theatre in the Palazzo Vecchio. Another tour will visit the remains of early Christian cathedral of Santa Reparata, excavations below the Florence Cathedral, and the Museum of the Opera del Duomo Reservations are required and space is limited (call 055/2616056, Monday to Friday, 9am to noon). 


Celebrations continue with the offering of candles in the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, a parade of the Florentine Republic at 4pm, and a wreath-laying ceremony at 4:30pm in the Crypt of Santa Reparata.

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