Free stays in Tuscany

Zero cost for guests willing to swap services

Editorial Staff
November 22, 2012

In the midst of the current economic crisis, the financial pinch that keeps many would-be vacationers at home hurts those in the tourism business. To help address the situation, La Settimana del Baratto offers an exciting range of holiday destinations that are free in exchange for some work. Now in its fourth edition, between November 19 and 25, nearly 800 institutions across Italy are participating in the initiative.


In exchange for stays at bed & breakfasts, guests provide such services as fixing the B&B's telephone or Internet lines, cooking dinner, watering the garden, harvesting olives or whitewashing a wall. Bookings are made through La Settimana del Baratto's website, where participating B&B's list their needs and prospective vacationers can register their services.


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