Falling frescoes

Misstep causes section of Uffizi ceiling to drop

Editorial Staff
February 14, 2013

When a workman accidentally stepped in the wrong place at the wrong time, a chunk of sixteenth-century fresco fell to the floor and on top of a statue beneath it.


The 30-centimetre piece of fresco, part of a section of ceiling in the long main corridor within the gallery, became detached due to work being done on the roof above. The misstep took place ‘during the normal maintenance of the roof of the First Corridor of the Uffizi Gallery,' explained head of the Polo Museale Fiorentino, Cristina Acidini, causing plaster to fall.


Luckily, the incident did not occur in a central location, and, because work was underway, visitors were already blocked from the area, and no one was hit with falling plaster.


Remnants of the fresco were collected by restorer Laura Lucioli and restoration work began on February 6; it is expected to take 10 days, gallery officials report.

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