Letters to the Editor

Editorial Staff
September 26, 2013

Dear Sirs,

I was wondering when your magazine is going to stop kissing the backside, for reasons I guess of your own, of the current mayor. And please do not dispel this as comment from a political opponent, as I am a foreign resident without any political ties.


When are you going to tell some sad truths about Firenze? How it has worsened for the past 20 years, nonstop. In safety, cleanliness, accessibility. Overall impression. It is a dirty, backwards town. And the sooner we admit it, the sooner we can do something about it.

I cannot agree with the hype around Mr. Mayor. He used Florence only as a stepping-stone to further his own political career and can’t care less about managing it.


I am a positive person, and I agree 22 out of 24 pages to talk about nice, good positive things, but, please, get away from the level of a junior high school magazine, show some balls and courage. Part of your job is to be critical, with positive intentions.


Sincerely, Robert Maes



Dear Robert,

Thanks for your letter. We always welcome all comments and criticism and do our best to act upon them.


As you point out, we strive to be a ‘good news’ publication, focusing on the wealth of art and culture that residents of and visitors to Florence are fortunate to have at our fingertips. We do our utmost to report unbiased factual news in the news section of the paper. As far as Florence news is concerned, it is true that we often quote Matteo Renzi verbatim, albeit translated into English, solely due to his position as first citizen of Florence as opposed to any affiliation on our part.


The Write to the Mayor column in The Florentine is an opportunity for visitors and residents to contact the mayor with observations, problems and criticisms. We receive correspondence, forward it to the Comune and the mayor’s office sends TF a reply, which we print.


I hope that explains our stance regarding the mayor of Florence.



Helen Farrell

Managing Editor

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